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Tank Banging

So what's up with this tank banging? What is it?

The following content may be inappropriate for children or other people with real I.Q.s.

Tank banging or being a tank banger is the process of smacking oneself in the head with a tank banger. For those of you who live under a shell, a tank banger is a hard nylon ball on a loop of surgical tubing that makes a loud noise when pulled and released against a metal dive cylinder. It is designed to get attention under water. See photo at right.
Step 1: Place tank banger on head.

Step 2. Cock tank banger and release!

Step 3. Revive and celebrate the newest tank banger club member!
So how did this insane little club of dweebs come into being? Have you ever been doing something and asked yourself, "I wonder what it feels like if I..." . The rest is history. Once having done something so painful and moronic, you feel the need to convince your friends to try it. Soon a club is born.

All images portrayed by an actor age 18 or older... at least physically.
Never try this at home... we are trained professionals and enact these scenes with proper medical staff standing by, and a crowd of people laughing the whole time.
No animals were hurt in the making of this page