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They call me squirt...

If you see Doug on a dive somewhere, Caribbean or quarry, you'll no doubt see a little pirate hanging from his BCD. It's Doug�s dive buddy Squirt. What follows dear reader is the tale of how Squirt and Doug were forever bonded.

A bunch of us from the shop were up at Gilboa working. When we travel up there, we like to stay at the Hampton Inn (I like their beds), it's clean, comfortable, and most importantly, located in the next parking lot is an Outback Steak House... good food, great drinks, and easy to stagger home from... but I digress.

After one such arduous day of teaching, and then a fine meal, washed down with an adult beverage or two, we decided that it was still early enough to relax in the hot tub at the pool. As we are heading down to the pool, Pat has Doug in a laundry cart and is racing it through the main hall. Oh goody, this will go over nicely with the hotel staff. The rest of us slink away and slip quietly into the hot tub.

Undaunted the laundry cart ends up in the pool room. Doug seeing us relaxing in the tub decides to join us. To our, and more importantly, the other hotel guests dismay, Doug sprints across the pool room and launches himself into the air.

Freeze the mental movie that's running in your head, and let me add a few details. He is wearing a collared black shirt, dark sox, and jeans. As he is suspended in air, please notice that he is in the full cannonball position... knees tucked, arms around calves, in a tight, tight ball.

Ok, resume your movie.

Doug lands smack in the middle of the hot-tub. The resulting geyser of water blows upward toward the ceiling and outward in all directions. The lid from the tub skimmer blows off and jets a plastic pirate toy skyward. Doug catches the toy amidst our laughter. He notices that the toy can be filled with water and when squeezed, the water will issue forth in a jet. Immediately he names his new, and possibly one and only friend Squirt. Ok, just kidding... we still like Doug. The rest is true.

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