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Compass... I don't need no steenking compass...

It's been said that when it comes to night diving, a new diver wants to make a night dive, a seasoned diver wants to lead a night dive, and an old mossback will lend you a flashlight so that you can make a night dive.

For those of you that don't know Chip, he could best be described as a go-getter. Always up and ready to dive.

So, with all of the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas Chip leads an intrepid band of divers on a night dive. Did I mention it was in Cozumel? That means current kiddies. But that's okay... the whole bunch of them had been diving there in the daylight... so what could go wrong right? Right. Read on.

Those of us sitting on shore were somewhere between concerned and ready to call the Navy to begin the search when they finally come trodding back up to the bar.


Chip has been around enough to know that you might as well confess, and that's exactly what he did... within seconds of arriving back in our midst.

Seems all was going as planned with the dive... the Coral was great and the sea-grass awesome. Seagrass, I don't remember sea-grass. What the heck? So Chip signals for everytone to stay put, and he'll pop up and take a look around. Up he goes. Eventually the rest of the gang gets bored watching Chip bob at the surface and up they come.  Seems Chip has been multi-tasking. He's been looking at the lights on shore a very, very long way off, trying to decide how to tell the dive team that they have to surface swim to those lights, and trying not to fill his wet-suit with a panic driven #2.

Soon enough, he turns around and spys the resort lights closer, and realizes that they are not lost afterall. Yep, he was looking toward the mainland 6 or so miles away. A long surface swim indeed. So, as his mentors, it was our job to simply review the use of a compass or at least have one with you! Yep... no compass.

Oh, and of course we stressd the importance of knowing which direction you are swimming etc. Well, we also had to give him a good natured ribbing of course.  Oh... and the rest of the divers chipped in and bought him this nice shirt!  

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